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About us

CCARD is an established provider of supply chain and business-to-business communications solutions such as EDI and ecommerce. CCARD has customers of all sizes in a broad range of industries including automotive, haulage and public sector.

CCARD has developed extensive experience in helping organisations simplify the challenges of electronic commerce enabling reduced cost and more effective relationships with customers, suppliers and other external parties such as the Inland Revenue.

Many heads of supply chain have well established and mature EDI systems. However, smaller organisations further down the supply chain, still face particular challenges in establishing secure, reliable and cost effective communication. CCARD specialises in supporting these organisations generate the benefits that have historically only been achievable by larger companies.

Within the UK, Ireland and France, CCARD distributes EDI software Odette’95 to support business-to-business data exchange. We also provide a range of support and consultancy services focused on improving supply chain efficiency.