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EDI with the Automotive Industry

Most of the automotive manufacturers and, of course, their supply chains are using an Odette/ENGDAT based system to exchange engineering data. For the front-end user, this means nothing more than using a PC application, similar to their email system, with which they can send and receive data electronically. In practice, the Odette program uses an ISDN telephone line to dial directly into the customer's or supplier's exchange software. This point to point transfer is more secure and, in most cases, faster than a connection using the general Internet.

Some Automotive OEMs using Odette/ENGDAT

Audi - Bentley - BMW - Daimler Chrysler - Ford Germany - Nissan - Opel (Vauxhall) - Porsche - PSA - Renault - Saab - Toyota - Volkswagen - Volvo