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EDI Overview

Red Bullet Point Introduction - In the past, throughout the trading industry, data has been exchanged using media such as floppy disks or tapes, which were especially useful for larger quantities. Although the Compact Disk or short CD (also DVD) has been established as the universal media for electronic data storage, the preferred way to exchange information is by electronic methods such as email or ftp file transfer. It is not only the transfer speed over vast distances which has made us dependent on this technology; it is also the way we can manage, sort and filter incoming and outgoing messages. more >>

Red Bullet Point Products - We offer a range of EDI products that are used in various different business sectors. Originally designed for the European Automotive Industry our products are increasingly deployed in other areas such as the electronic filing with the Inland Revenue or the interchange of business documents within retail organisations. more >>

Red Bullet Point EDI Solutions, Inland Revenue - All the companies in UK irrespective of their size need to communicate with the Inland Revenue at one point of time or another. The frequency of communication increases with the size and nature of the company. The traditional paper based communication between employer and the Inland Revenue is always open for errors and delays, resulting in confusion and further paper work. more >>