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EDI with the Inland Revenue

The use of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) technology has become an integral part of any larger industry. The ability to exchange data effectively is critical, to ensure that those who need the data, get it in a timely and secure manner.

All the companies in UK irrespective of their size need to communicate with the Inland Revenue at one point of time or another. The frequency of communication increases with the size and nature of the company. The traditional paper based communication between employer and the Inland Revenue is always open for errors and delays, resulting in confusion and further paper work.

To avoid such things the Inland Revenue introduced a new provision, which enables the employers to submit their PAYE (Pay As You Earn) forms electronically. The electronic submission has been made mandatory due to the following benefits:

Most payroll packages produce the electronic PAYE forms in an appropriate format recommended by the Inland Revenue. All what you need is a tool, which transmits the data to Inland Revenue at the click of a button. That means any business with an existing payroll software can integrate with the Inland Revenue with minimal expense.

We at CCARD Ltd have experience in offering EDI solutions to various industries. Businesses can start electronic communication straight away by downloading the trial version of Odette’95 – ISDN light version, thereby replacing all paper based communication and bring cost savings in the process. Our strong beliefs in customer relationship and satisfaction have helped us in creating many success stories. To become a part of it, please feel free to contact us.

Odette'95 is recognised by the Inland Revenue and listed as a Communication Providers.