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Odette'95 Introduction

Red Bullet Point What is Odette'95? - Odette'95 is an EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) product that allows the transfer of electronic data securely and efficiently using the OFTP (Odette File Transfer Protocol) standard either via ISDN or TCP/IP.

The Odette'95 product range is developed by Bartsch Software in Kiel (Germany). CCARD Ltd is responsible for the distribution to customers resident in UK, Ireland and France.

Red Bullet Point What can I use Odette'95 for? - If you head or are part of a supply chain, Odette'95 would be the ideal tool for interchanging your business data with your suppliers or customers.

Red Bullet Point How could Odette'95 be beneficial? - Most of our customers decide to use Odette'95 in comparisons to other products because it is very easy to install, to use and to maintain and above all, it is very reliable. Once installed, you can literally forget to look after it.

Red Bullet Point How could Odette'95 be tested? - We offer a 3 weeks, free and fully functional trial. Is there any better way to evaluate software? All features can be tested and explored at your own convenience, without having a sales person breathing down your neck.

Red Bullet Point What is OFTP/Odette? - OFTP/Odette has been developed by the European Automotive Industry in order to use a common standard, which will ensure an organised and structured data exchange method. more >>