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Odette'95 Add-on Modules

Red Bullet Point EngPart - The ENGPART file (subject to the German VDA recommendation 4951) represents a substantial result of the efforts to describe content and format of an automated transfer of information. The file is used to set-up and update partner relations largely without verbal or written exchange of information. Phone conversations or fax messages are normally only required for setting up the initial connection. Following information is sent to the partner company by transmitting an ENGPART file:

The ENGPART file is – in accordance with the recommendation mentioned above – a readable text file that can be inspected with a standard text editor.

The ENGPART module automatically prepares an ENGPART file based on the available information. If desired, the module transmits the file to a selected partner. It is also used to manage the information received from your partners and the information that has been freely entered into the database. Partner entries as well as own entries can be viewed and changed at any time.

The ENGPART module for Odette’95 simplifies the data exchange of ENGDAT substantially. The required information is set up as soon as both partners have exchanged their ENGPART files. The ENGPART module also assists you in sorting and analysing received files, provided they have been sent in ENGDAT or ENGPART format.

Red Bullet Point Client/Server - The Client/Server feature is a GUI tool that allows the remote control of Odette'95 from any client PC within a local area network. There are no limits on the amount of clients and users accessing Odette'95 remotely.

Red Bullet Point NT service - The NT-Service enables Odette'95 to run under Windows NT (2000 or XP) without user login.