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Product Overview

Red Bullet Point Odette'95 Lite - This is our core product used to send and receive data either via ISDN or TCP/IP using OFTP (Odette File Transfer Protocol). It is mainly used by customers that have the requirement of exchanging electronic business documents securely and efficiently. This can range form electronic invoices or purchase orders to electronic tax forms (P35, P14, etc) required by the Inland Revenue. These documents are produced by an external source, such as a business system or database and are being transmitted by Odette’95 Lite. No change to the contents of the files is being made by the program as its sole purpose is to interchange data. more >>

Red Bullet Point Odette'95 - The Standard version has been designed to support the supply chains related to the European Automotive Industry and includes the EngDat (Engineering Data) feature. The functionality is base on a standard (VDA recommendation 4951) that helps organising sent and received files. Once the feature is enabled, files are being renamed into a strict filename according to the standard specification and an abstract file is being created, that contains information about sender, receiver and contents of the electronic transmission. more >>

Red Bullet Point Versions - Odette’95 is available as Lite or as Standard version. Four different options are availble, depending on the network requirements. Bear in mind that different networks cannot be crossed. (ISDN-ISDN, TCP/IP-TCP/IP)

Red Bullet Point Add-on Modules - There is a range of add-on modules available that help making the most out of our products. more >>

Red Bullet Point EDI convert - This is a tool that is built into Odette’95 and is used to convert flat files coming from any database into standardised EDIFACT or VDA messages. It is used by companies that have the requirement to submit EDIFACT or VDA messages to their customers (head of supply chain) and do not have this functionality already built into their business system or database. Once the mapping of the flat files into the appropriate EDIFACT message has been completed, EDI-convert, in combination with Odette’95, converts the file and transmits the message automatically.