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Odette File Transfer Protocol (OFTP)

The OFTP (ODETTE File Transfer Protocol) provides a standardised way for separate computer systems to communicate with each other.

The OFTP is a high level protocol. It is applied to the way messages are sent rather than the physical communications line across which they travel. The basic physical connections are also standardised but these are covered by other protocols such as X.25.

OFTP uses X.25, the standard which defines the physical connections over which other file transfer protocols and emulators can run. The OFTP is computer hardware and software independent, requiring no knowledge of the hardware or software which your partners have implemented.

The ODETTE Steering Committee has also approved the ISDN/OFTP standard which allows companies to take advantage of the benefits associated with the OFTP with the added benefit of using cost-effective, high-speed ISDN services. For those companies wishing to take advantages of X.25 and ISDN from a single host, switch boxes are available enabling a common communications interface to two differing technologies. Communications adapters are available for PCs supporting both ISDN and X.25.

The latest extension of the OFTP standard covers use on TCP/IP. It is therefore now possible to combine the use of OFTP file transfer with other IP based applications (e.g. e-mail) between trading partners, using a single link. The possibility of bundling several ISDN channels for increased bandwidth will be a major advantage of this new recommendation. It is published as an RFC 2204 on the WEB within the Internet community.