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CCARD Ltd 2006

EDIFACT with Inland Revenue

Scenario EPAL (Electricity Pensions Administration Limited) provide pensions administration services to members of the Electricity Supply Pension Scheme. EPAL Like any other company administrating a payroll system, EPAL had to implement a solution to cope with the Electronic Filing standards set by the Inland Revenue. Electronic submission is now mandatory and is being introduced against a phased timetable with financial penalties of up to £3,000 for non-compliance.

Problem To covert the Flat File (*.csv, *.txt, etc.) output of the pension administration system (payroll system) into EDIFACT messages (WNU, PENNOT, P6-P6b-P9, P14, P35) recognised by the Inland Revenue, Pay Check followed by the electronic submission via OFTP.

Solution Odette'95 provides an add-on tool called EDI-convert that can be deployed to handle the translation between the Flat Files and the EDIFACT messages. Once the mapping task (part of the configuration) has been completed, data (messages) can be sent and received in EDIFACT format. Odette'95 can be configured so that the translation and sending processes run fully automatically in the background. The end user will only be responsible to produce the Flat File output of the payroll software.

Conclusion A reliable and stable low-cost solutions has been implemented, at a fraction of the cost of the built-in functionality offered by the pension software provider.

Further Details Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you own a pension or payroll system, that is limited to outputting Flat Files only.