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Scripting Support - Sorting Incoming Files

Scenario Pay Check, a London based payroll bureau with around 550 corporate clients, deployed Odette'95 to interchange PAYE data with the Inland Revenue electronically. Pay Check Considering the amount of data that is being sent and received every month, a manual intervention in the exchange process would be clearly obstructive. Outgoing files can be automatically sent, as soon as the payroll system has generated them, by using the Remote Control Feature of Odette'95. Incoming files, when managing multiple payrolls, need to be sorted according to the customer/payroll they belong to. Unfortunately, the received files carry only a general file name, such as P6, that does not allow a conclusion about its contents.

Problem To identify to which customer/payroll the received file belongs to, it would need to be opened manually, followed by a visual check or automatically, by the means of a script.

Solution A basic DOS script has been written that reads the incoming file, finds the customer name and renames the file so that is can be easily identified. In addition, the file is being moved into an appropriate customer area. This process runs fully automatic e.g. every time when a file as been received.

Conclusion Thanks to the automatic Batch Processing Feature of Odette'95, incoming files can be automatically processed. The automation requirements can range from simply renaming and moving files, as described above, to importing or translating, depending on the business scenario.

Further Details Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you have identified an area within your company or organisation, where automation of EDI processes would be beneficial.