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EDI with the Automotive Industry

Supply chain communications in the automotive sector are currently driven by two requirements. The interchange of Engineering Data (such as CAD files) and Structured Business Data (such as Delivery Instructions, Daily Call-offs, Dispatch Advices, Self-billing Invoice Messages)

Red Bullet Point Engineering Data - Automotive OEMs and their suppliers usually work in close collaboration on product design. Depending on the type and the complexity of the product, a frequent exchange of development data is required. In order to manage the data flow via OFTP, the industry adopted the EngDat (Engineering Data) standard that describes the data by the means of a standardised abstract file and a coded filename.

Red Bullet Point Structured Business Data - This type of data is usually held in the EDIFACT or VDA format and is used for the interchange of electronic business documents between independent computer systems.

Red Bullet Point Automotive OEMs using OFTP/ENGDAT/EDIFACT

Audi - Bentley - BMW - Daimler Chrysler - Ford Germany - Nissan - Opel (Vauxhall) - Porsche - PSA - Renault - Saab - Toyota - Volkswagen - Volvo