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CCARD Ltd 2006

EDI with HM Revenue & Customs

All the companies in UK, irrespective of their size, are required to communicate Inland Revenue with the Inland Revenue whether submitting PAYE (Pay as You Earn) or tax returns. The frequency and complexity of communication increasing with the size and nature of the company.

Traditional paper based communication between employer and the Inland Revenue is always open for error and delay often resulting in confusion and potential financial penalty.

To simplify communications and reduce error, the Inland Revenue has introduced systems that enable employers to submit their PAYE (Pay As You Earn) forms electronically. Electronic submission is now mandatory and is being introduced against a phased timetable with financial penalties of up to £3,000 for non-compliance.

CCard has helped many satisfied customers to implement effective communication with the Inland Revenue through their Odette 95 ISDN `light' product. Most payroll systems can generate PAYE forms in an appropriate format Odette 95 ISDN `light' is an EDI based product, which enables simple and costs effective transmission of PAYE forms giving businesses the following benefits.

CCARD (Odette'95) is a recognised Communications Provider to the Inland Revenue.