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OFTP Connection Methods

The abbriviation OFTP stands for Odette File Transfer Protocol and provides a standardised way for separate computer systems to communicate with each other. (Odette Organisation)

ISDN - Once the required software (such as Odette’95) has been installed and configured, it is actually very straightforward to send data to a distant party. OFTP ISDN The to-be-sent earmarked data is saved into the OUT folder associated with the target party and then, literally with a single click on the send button, your electronic parcel will be trans- mitted. In an analogous manner, received data is saved in the IN folder.

TCP/IP – This connection method is often used in combination with secure or private networks (ENX or ANX) or the Internet with appropriate security tools such as VPN (Virtual Private Network) and encryption. OFTP TCP/IP The user will not notice any difference in operation between the two methods. However, unlike ISDN connections, the transmission speed can fluctuate, depending on the available band- width. As the connection methods cannot be used over cross, products have been developed (such as Odette’95 Dual) that cope with both scenarios.

Further Details – Outside to scope of this brief overview are headings such as Security Consideration, Cost Comparison, ENGDAT and Technical Details (X.25, Encryption etc.) Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you would like to receive further information about this subject.