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Automotive References

China Tool

Chinatool - We use Odette’95 on a daily basis to transfer data between our Automotive OEM & tier 1 customers in Europe, US and the UK to our factories in China, Taiwan and Korea. From day one the system has been simple to use and works very well. The technical support from CCARD has been excellent.

Jason Phillips, Project Manager

GKN Offhihgway Systems

GKN Offhighway Systems - Odette'95 is a key tool that helps our business communicate large amounts of information in an quick, easy and secure way. It has a neat function that allows you to send information to a specific person, so making this an ideal product for large businesses.

Kai Ng

Theorem Solutions

Theorem Solutions - We have been using Odette'95 since December 2001 to transfer data between ourselves and our customers. After the initial set-up, which was quite straight forward and some testing between ourselves and CCARD, our customers were made aware of this new facility we had to offer. Since then this method of data transfer has been proved to be so reliable that it is easy to forget how we got on previously.

Ken Walton, System Manager